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by John J. Miller on July 14, 2011

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Corn Nation, a news site for all things Nebraska Cornhuskers, reviews The Big Scrum:

“The Big Scrum: How Teddy Roosevelt Saved College Football is an excellent, well-written book based on an extensive amount of historical research done on the over a ten-year period by author John J. Miller. … Miller does an excellent job of providing background on the opposing factions, making sure the reader understands why, for example, Eliot was so opposed to the game, Roosevelt was for it, and men like Walter Camp stood in the way of progress. Miller also provides an excellent review of how the game evolved as rules changes didn’t always have the desired result that the overseers were looking for. … If you’re a college football fan who also happens to be a history buff, then this book is a must read. Miller’s writing is far (as in light years) from the dry tome of John Sayles Watterson’s “College Football”, while providing context to an age in which football players were more apt to be permanently disabled than to make any money playing a sport.  Bottom line – The Big Scrum: How Teddy Roosevelt Saved College Football is an excellent book. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about how football was saved from the brink of destruction, and how it evolved to become (mostly) the game we know and love today.”

Below is an image of Nebraska players waiting in line to get their copies of The Big Scrum.

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