Cavalry, American Officers, 1921

by John J. Miller on August 10, 2011

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Here’s a description of last year’s ArtPrize winner, from my article in the new issue of Philanthropy:

In 2010, Chris LaPorte won the first place award of $250,000 for Cavalry, American Officers, 1921, a massive pencil drawing of 63 men, based on an old photograph. They stand or sit in three rows, as in a football team photo, wearing broad-brimmed hats, dark neckties, and knee-high boots. “I found the photo in an antique shop and immediately thought it was unique,” says LaPorte. “Each man is trying to assert his individuality in the context of uniformity.” The black-and-white drawing measures 8 feet high and 28 feet in length. At the height of ArtPrize, visitors waited in line an hour or more to see it. LaPorte invested plenty of his own time: about 800 hours over 9 months, he estimates.

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