Remember September 11

by John J. Miller on September 9, 2011

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My contribution to an NRO symposium:

What I remember most about September 11 happened on September 12.

I was walking from my townhouse in Virginia to the Franconia-Springfield Metro station, for my first day of work in a Washington, D.C., that would be forever different. In the grass beside Beulah Street lay a small American flag, a little bigger than an index card. My guess is that somebody had attached it to the antenna of a car — a tiny patriotic gesture amid a huge national outpouring.

But it had blown off. There it rested, at my feet.

So I picked up the flag. Later on, I pierced it with safety pins and attached it to the black bag that I used to carry everywhere.

The flag remains on the bag today, badly torn after a decade of rough handling but still showing the red, white, and blue.

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