Rick Rolls into Hillsdale

by John J. Miller on February 18, 2012

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UPDATE: Santorum has canceled this appearance.

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum will speak at Hillsdale College on Monday night. The other GOP candidates are also invited to attend and speak but they aren’t confirmed. The Collegian, the campus newspaper that I advise, broke the story.

I covered Santorum’s last election (not counting this year’s primaries), when he lost his Senate seat in Pennsylvania almost six years ago. Here are a few extracts from my National Review cover story:

“I wasn’t born into a family that had a great name,” said Santorum at the debate in Pittsburgh. “I’m a guy who had to grow up having to scratch and claw.” … “Sometimes what I say sounds like fingernails on the chalkboard to people,” he said at a fire station in Bucks County in mid-October. But he insists that this is a merely a side effect of taking a stand on difficult subjects. “I’m a passionate guy. I’m tough. I’m a fighter,” he said in the Pittsburgh debate. “But you know what? I’m an Italian kid from a steel town. What do you expect from me?” … “This race is going to be a nail-biter,” said Santorum from behind the counter at Jimmy’s. “It’s going to come down to one thing: Who wants it most?”

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