Goldwater vs. NHL

by John J. Miller on May 31, 2012 · 1 comment

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  • Sumo

My article on the Goldwater Institute and its fight against the NHL is in the new issue of National Review. You can read it here.

An extract:

Yet the Goldwater Institute stands in the way, threatening a lawsuit that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has condemned and Republican senator John McCain has branded “disgraceful.” Olsen is astonished by the charges: “This is a time of fiscal austerity, with lots of people out of work, and taxpayers are supposed to buy a hockey team for a multimillionaire?” Whatever happens next — fateful decisions are coming soon — her group showcases the growing influence of right-leaning policy organizations that operate mainly in the states.

One of my sources, Dennis Coates, blogs about the dispute here.

  • Anonymous

    Say Miller,

    That quote from Duncey Molsen is from during the Hulsizer fiasco…nothing to do with what is going on THIS YEAR.

    And if economists are so smart, why the hell is the whole world going down the toilet?

    You must be a Paul Krugman  fanboy.

    Talk about DOPES….

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