by John J. Miller on November 2, 2012

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My story on Indiana’s Republican candidate for Senate, Richard Mourdock, is in the new issue of National Review. It went to press shortly before Mourdock made a controversial remark about rape. From the article:

Mourdock believes the closeness of his race should surprise no one. “We’ve had $6 million spent against us so far,” he says, referring to a stream of negative ads funded by Donnelly and Democratic groups since the primary. “In Indiana, that kind of money will leave a mark.” By Election Day, his campaign estimates, Mourdock will have endured an assault of more than $10 million, much of it aimed at portraying him as a right-wing extremist. “You think he’d glow like Chernobyl,” says Jason Miller, a media consultant who works for Mourdock.

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