Burke on Parade

by John J. Miller on August 13, 2013 · 1 comment

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  • Sumo

My latest NRO podcast is with Jesse Norman on his new book about Edmund Burke. Earlier this year, I podcasted with Drew Maciag, on his new book about Burke’s reputation in America. (Interestingly, they disagree on whether Burke is best understood as a conservative or liberal.) And guess what: My colleague Yuval Levin has a book on Burke (and Thomas Paine) coming out later this year. So mark your podcast calendar. We aren’t all-Burke-all-the-time, but we are Burke-whenever-possible.



  • Marmalade

    The difference is that Jesse Norman is a professional politician and Drew Maciag is a scholar. The former is making a partisan argument and the latter is making an academic argument.

    I’ve noticed that, unlike for example Yuval Levin’s book on Burke, Edmund Burke in America hasn’t drawn as much attention despite it being out longer. Levin is yet another person directly involved in mainstream politics, including presidential administrations.

    Maciag’s book has breadth and nuance which is precisely why it won’t inspire much discussion. Maciag presents a complex portrayal of a complex person, but complexity doesn’t sell as well as ideological rhetoric. Maciag refuses to play the polarizing game of liberal vs conservative. He instead accurately describes Burke as having proto-conservative and proto-liberal elements, but such a portrayal is boring and won’t get you very far in the MSM or the blogosphere.

    This is sad.

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