Obamacare’s Cornhusker Nemesis

by John J. Miller on January 9, 2014

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My article on Ben Sasse, a Republican running for the Senate from Nebraska, is in the new National Review.

Yet Sasse talks about health care often enough to seem like a physician — or at least a physician who specializes in policy. “I’ve read the entire Affordable Care Act,” he says. “It was a slow period in my life,” he adds, almost apologetically. “The Obamacare worldview is that only government can solve big problems, budget honesty doesn’t matter, and dependency is our future.” He thinks repeal is a possibility, but only if the next two cycles of congressional elections go well for conservatives and a Republican wins the presidency in 2016. Yet he’s no wild-eyed optimist: “The most likely outcome is a single-payer system because that’s the easiest thing for a lazy and broken Washington to lie about and let us drift into.”

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