Oh, the Humanities!

by John J. Miller on October 6, 2014

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My article on the practical benefits of an education in the humanities is in the new National Review:

As the cost of college continues to rise, the humanities have gone on the defensive. Parents and students increasingly worry about the “return on investment” they’ll receive from tuition payments that can soar into six figures. In this environment, courses on medieval poetry and colonial America begin to look like luxury goods. … To borrow the president’s phrase, “folks can make a lot more” if they don’t waste their time reading the Iliad, learning about the Northwest Ordinance, or gazing at the paintings of the Dutch masters.

The reality is in fact a bit more complicated. To a large extent, smart people who work hard will flourish, no matter what they study in college — and for many, the humanities are a perfectly sensible choice.




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