Agenda Setting

by John J. Miller on March 13, 2015

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To paraphrase Navin Johnson: The new guidebooks are here! The new guidebooks are here!

The Philanthropy Roundtable has just published Agenda Setting: A Wise Giver’s Guide to Influencing Public Policy, by me and Karl Zinsmeister, with Ashley May. Here’s an overview:

Yet public-policy philanthropy has special ways of mystifying and frustrating practitioners. It requires understanding of governmental practice, interpretation of human nature, and some philosophical perspective. Public-policy philanthropists may encounter opponents operating from different principles who view them as outright enemies. Moreover, public-policy struggles never seem to end: victories one year become defeats the next, followed by comebacks, then setbacks, and on and on.

This book was written to help donors navigate all of those obstacles. It draws on deep history and rich interviews with the very best practitioners of public-policy philanthropy in America today. Whatever your aspirations for U.S. society and governance, this guide will help you find the best ways to make a difference.


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