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by John J. Miller on June 13, 2015

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People sometimes ask why I left Washington, D.C., for Hillsdale College four years ago. Now maybe I’ll just point them to this Wall Street Journal interview with my boss, college president Larry Arnn.

“Hillsdale College is 40 minutes from anywhere,” he says. “And you know, also, it’s cold up there, and small. The town’s small. We think of those as advantages. Because you need to come to college for the right reason. They’re not coming to our place for the beach. We like that—and manage to recruit, better and better.”

Figures provided by the college bear this out: In 1996, Hillsdale had 1,131 students, whose average high-school GPA was 3.5. Slightly over half—56%—hailed from outside Michigan. Last year undergraduates numbered 1,437. Their average high-school GPA was 3.8, and two-thirds came from out of state.

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