Brave New World?
February 25, 2016 Blog Posts

  • Sumo

The new National Review carries my story on David Baltimore and CRISPR gene-editing technology:

Yet these dreams could turn to nightmares if they involve the genetic manipulation of people. “That’s an obvious application of the technology,” says Baltimore. It raises the specter of Dr. Frankenstein’s wild experiments and the eugenic goal of designer babies. In an article on CRISPR last year, MIT Technology Review wrote of labs in which “man rebuilds creation to suit himself” and warned of “a path toward a dystopia of superpeople.” From these accounts, it would seem that Aldous Huxley’s creepy totalitarian vision in Brave New World looms as never before.

For much of the last year, Baltimore has devoted himself to organizing his fellow scientists in an ad hoc campaign to fend off these dark possibilities.


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