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by John J. Miller on August 11, 2016 · 3 comments

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  • Sumo

The new issue of National Review carries my profile of Jennifer Roback Morse, the free-market economist who thinks family breakdown is at the root of many social ills.

Morse refuses to speak in code. … Here’s how she talks about single motherhood, for example: “There’s no such thing as a single parent. They’ve become dependent on other people in commercial transactions, such as their employers and child-care providers. A single mother may look like she’s doing so much ‘on her own,’ but she has merely commercialized the things the father would have done.”


  • bbrown

    What a saint. Morse has the courage to say what’s so clearly right and true. I respect her immensely. She needs our support.
    Miller’s article is National Review (Aug. 29, 2016) was such a breath of politically incorrect fresh air. Morse has it right against massive progressive opposition.

  • Jennifer Roback Morse Phd

    Thank you bbrown! I appreciate it! Are you one of our subscribers to the Ruth Institute newsletter? Keep in touch, in any case. http://www.ruthinstitute.org/make-a-difference/subscribe-to-our-newsletter

  • bbrown

    I certainly am a subscriber. I greatly appreciate what you are doing and I believe that you are right on target regarding the chief causes of the ills of our American culture.
    I do think it’s true that politics follow the culture. And the culture begins with the family.
    I’m a physician and I see daily how soul-sick so much of our nation, especially our youth, have become.
    God bless you and your work; I can think of nothing more vital and worthy.

    –Wm. Francis Brown MD
    Forest, VA

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