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A Novel

by John J. Miller
Woodbridge Press, 2009

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“An excellent book—it’s like The Day of the Jackal set in 1861 Washington.”
—Vince Flynn, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Pursuit of Honor

“Packed with fascinating information, superb characters, and sublime plot twists, The First Assassin is one of the most exciting thrillers I have read in a long, long time. This is historical fiction at its best and John J. Miller is the hot new author everyone will be talking about.”
—Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Apostle

“The story moves with swift suspense, but Miller’s real achievement is to take us inside a mindset nearly lost to time, and to create identifiable, sympathetic characters on all sides, including those who are willing to do murder to preserve the Confederacy and its ‘peculiar institution.’”
—Andrew Klavan, author of Empire of Lies

The First Assassin knocked me out. Utterly compelling, the novel sweeps the reader along multiple storylines which converge at one point, one moment, where history pivots on its axis. A skilled writer of non-fiction, here Miller uses his knowledge and research to create a powerful thriller that is completely believable. With its accurate period details and pitch-perfect characters—from house slaves to Washington, D.C. careerists to a mysterious hitman—there’s not a false note in the whole book. Read it and tell me I’m wrong.”
—Robert Ferrigno, author of Heart of the Assassin

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How the John M. Olin Foundation Changed America

by John J. Miller
Encounter Books, 2005

Audio of Heritage Foundation talk


Wall Street Journal: “Fascinating … A Gift of Freedom is essential reading for anyone hoping to understand precisely how conservative thinking was reinvigorated over the past quarter-century.”

National Review: “Crisply written, authoritative … highly readable and honest portrayal of the foundation and its people … admirable and concise.”

Philanthropy: “A very readable and interesting book. Anyone interested in the history of foundations—or the history of conservatism—will enjoy A Gift of Freedom.”

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A History of America’s Disastrous Relationship with France

by John J. Miller and Mark Molesky
Doubleday, 2004

Excerpts: Our Oldest Enemy, Revolting Ally, French Resistance during WW2, France in the Age of Terror, and Chirac vs. America
Op-eds: New York Times, Wall Street Journal
Why do we call them “frogs”?
Roll Call: The story behind the book


Wall Street Journal: “A terrific read.”

Flint Journal: “A myth-busting polemic … entertaining and enlightening.”

The Hill: “This slender volume is relentlessly effective, scoring point after scathing point.”

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How Multiculturalism Has Undermined America’s Assimilation Ethic

by John J. Miller
The Free Press, 1998

New York Times op-ed


“This work is an important entry in the ongoing debate over immigration and national identity. … The excellent opening chapters on ‘the American idea’ are quite moving. … [Miller] presents a strong and convincing case of the balance (between unum and pluribus) that needs to be struck.” — Foreign Affairs.

“An immensely readable and scrupulously fair appraisal. … Truly fascinating discussion.” — Washington Times.

“The book is well-written, lucid, and packed with useful information.” — National Review.

“This book will likely become to the immigration policy debate what Charles Murray’s Losing Ground was to the welfare reform debate.” — Library Journal.

“A strong polemic on a hot topic.” — Booklist.

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