Ender’s Game

October 24, 2013

NATIONAL REVIEW November 10, 2013 GAMES WITH ORSON The politically correct denunciation of a movie and a novelist JOHN J. MILLER Almost halfway through Ender’s Game, the 1985 science-fiction novel by Orson Scott Card, a pair of siblings try to manipulate global opinion by posting polemics “on the nets” — Card’s early anticipation of the World […]

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Diego Rivera

June 4, 2013

NATIONAL REVIEW January 25, 1999 SAN DIEGO JOHN J. MILLER Dreaming with His Eyes Open: A Life of Diego Rivera, by Patrick Marnham (Knopf, 350 pp., $ 35) & Diego Rivera: A Retrospective, by Linda Downs (Norton, 372 pp., $ 85) The workmen started swinging their axes at midnight. Within a few hours, they had demolished […]

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Mummy’s Curse

February 8, 2013

NATIONAL REVIEW February 25, 2013 UNEARTHING THE UNCANNY JOHN J. MILLER The Mummy’s Curse: The True History of a Dark Fantasy, by Roger Luckhurst (Oxford, 321 pp., $35) The Egyptian pharaoh Ramses III died more than 3,000 years ago, but it wasn’t until December that researchers figured out how: A CT scan of his mummified […]

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Red Dawn

November 21, 2012

NATIONAL REVIEW December 3, 2012 A DAWN OF AWARENESS Red Dawn: An appreciation JOHN J. MILLER A high-school history teacher looks out the window of his Colorado classroom and sees camouflaged paratroopers drop onto an open field beneath a clear blue sky. “I would say they are way off course,” stammers Mr. Teasdale, as students […]

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Honest Injun?

May 5, 2012

NATIONAL REVIEW March 28, 2005 HONEST INJUN? The incidence of fake Indians is almost epidemic JOHN J. MILLER In his book The Education of Little Tree, Forrest Carter tells the tender tale of becoming an orphan and growing up in the Appalachian boondocks under the careful watch of his Cherokee grandparents. The book is full […]

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Friends of the Lorax

March 2, 2012

NATIONAL REVIEW March 19, 2012 FRIENDS OF THE LORAX Dr. Seuss’s politics for children JOHN J. MILLER The most popular children’s author of the 20th century didn’t have kids of his own. “You make ’em, and I’ll amuse ’em,” Dr. Seuss once said. And he amused ’em as well as any author who ever lived. […]

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